Trust20 Products

We have compiled a collection of cleaning products and protective gear to help you implement the Trust20 Tactics. Create an account, order online, and pick up the kit at your nearest Gordon Food Service Store.

Cleaners + Disinfectants

Concentrated and ready-to-use disinfectants and sanitizers for every surface in the building. Please read and understand product label instructions for safe use

Neutral Quaternary Disinfectant
TB Quaternary Disinfectant 
Ultimate Quaternary Sanitizer
Quat-Clean Sanitizer
Ready to Use Sanitizer
More Suds Dish Detergent

Cleaning Accessories

Everything a restaurant needs to maintain a clean, food-safe environment, all designed for use with our recommended disinfectants and sanitizers

Disposable Towels
Quat-Friendly Food Service Wipes
Mop and Handle
Buckets for Sanitizer and Detergent 
Quaternary Ammonia Test Strips
Spray Bottles
Pumps for 1-Gal Chemical Jugs 

Protective Gear

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other items that help promote a healthy, socially-distant restaurant space

Nitrile Gloves (All Sizes)
Non-Medical-Grade Face Masks
Forehead Thermometer
Plastic Shields for Checkouts

Soaps + Hand Sanitizer

Hand soap and sanitizer for employees and guests

Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer (Subject to availability)
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