There is a new standard for restaurant cleaning and safety. Trust20 is here to help.

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Restaurants have invested a lot to ensure your dining experience is a safe one. Learn about our 20 cleaning and safety tactics and what you can do to play your part.

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Diners Are Demanding More From Restaurants

“For me to go to a restaurant, I need to see enough distance between tables, all people in the establishment–especially the servers–wearing masks, and all consumers who are not actively eating and drinking wearing masks.”

“I would like to be able to see 6ft of distance between the path I’m walking and where people are sitting as I go to my table. I need that for me to feel comfortable eating in the restaurant.”

“If I go to a restaurant and they tell me I need to wait an extra 5-10 minutes so they can clean, I’m more than happy to because that lets me know they are doing their part correctly.”

“The pub near my house I could tell wasn’t as clean or safe as other places. The woman behind the bar wasn’t wearing a mask. It felt they didn’t have a high level of safety in place. I personally wouldn’t go back there. If we see it in the front, I’m sure it is in the kitchen, too.”

“They were so proactive and not only being polite but explaining the safety precautions before we went to the table. I appreciated how clear and strict they were in their process.”

“I still get some anxiety going into restaurants. I wasn’t very comfortable because some folks in the restaurant we’re not wearing masks and in large groups.”

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