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Why Trust20?

Nick Florek

November 20, 2020

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Trust20 was born out of the desire to create clear standards for restaurant operators in an uncertain time with rapidly changing regulations. It was clear that many would-be customers were hesitating to return to dining in until it became clear that a restaurant prioritized creating a safe environment. We originally were positioned to help clear up confusion and streamline health and safety procedures, but Trust20 has evolved into much more than that.

The vision for Trust20 is that we are a recognizable brand diners equate with a sense of comfort and confidence - a Trust20 Certified decal means a business is going above and beyond to put diner, staff, and community health and safety first. 

Communication is an essential element to every contingency plan. It is particularly important as regulations have begun to fluctuate and tighten across the country. Trust20 is dedicated to supporting a network of businesses philosophically committed to creating better restaurants and safer spaces. We are amplifying the voices of responsible and conscientious restaurant operators and providing them with the necessary resources to maintain safe environments.

Are you a restaurant operator? Schedule a FREE Assessment Call to discuss your safety precautions and what Trust20 can do to support you.

This process includes the Trust20 diner campaign. We are not only telling diners which restaurants are going above and beyond for them. Trust20 is providing educational resources and reminding customers that health and safety is a communal effort. Restaurant operators are taking extraordinary measures to ensure diner comfort and safety, but everyone’s security is ultimately a two-way street. Trust20 is committed to helping restaurants remind their guests that following social distancing and mask rules are a part of the new social contract. 

The only way to create truly safe spaces, capable of remaining open, is for everyone to show courtesy to each other and respect for the protocols a restaurant has established. 

Trust20 is growing our network of certified restaurants and we look forward to continuing to provide the means for operators to provide comfortable and enjoyable dining experiences for their guests. Won’t you join us?

Are you a restaurant operator? Schedule a FREE Assessment Call to discuss your safety precautions and what Trust20 can do to support you.

Are you a diner? Read up on how to be a 5-Star Diner or tell Trust20 about a restaurant that you’ve seen go above and beyond for their customers.

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