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January 10, 2021

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Let’s be serious - the sooner we all get with the program (the health and safety program that is), the sooner we can enjoy our world without the need for extraordinary measures such as restaurant and business closures.

Restaurants are going to extraordinary lengths to protect their diners, as well as their staff. Health and safety measures range from temperature checks for guests and employees to regularly providing fresh PPE to food handlers and servers alike to specifically designing their spaces to promote social distancing. There is a growing list of restaurants who have joined the Trust20 Certified network because their safety practices have been independently verified to be putting your health first. Restaurant operators are investing in your safety and your comfort and now it is your turn - Sign the Trust20 Diner Pledge!

The list of Trust20 Certified restaurants is growing daily. Some of the recently certified restaurants include:

Parky's Smokehouse - Lebanon, IN

Parky's Smokehouse is a family-owned and locally-operated destination for authentic barbecue, signature steaks, and a comfortable atmosphere in which you’ll love to relax.

Rake's Place - Zanesville, OH

Rake's Place is the place to go for next-level surf and turf in Zanesville. This locally-owned business has created barriers in the restaurant to continue social distancing and ask diners to do their best to maintain a distance when and where possible.

GreCo - Boston, MA

There’s the American version of Greek food—then you go true blue GreCo for your Mediterranean food fix. GreCo is a modern eatery where you will experience authentic street fare, made with Greek love.

About Trust20

Trust20 is the new standard of restaurant safety and diner comfort, based on 20 tactics by health and safety experts. Supported by Gordon Food Service and General Mills, Trust20 provides an independently verified certification of restaurant practices, training, and other resources to help restaurants create safe, healthy, and welcome spaces for diners. www.trust20.co, @Trust20USA

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