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January 10, 2021

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Let’s be serious - the sooner we all get with the program (the health and safety program that is), the sooner we can enjoy our world without the need for extraordinary measures such as sweeping restaurant and business closures.

Restaurants are going to extraordinary lengths to protect their diners, as well as their staff. Health and safety measures range from temperature checks for guests and employees to regularly providing fresh PPE to food handlers and servers alike to specifically designing their spaces to promote social distancing. There is a growing list of restaurants who have joined the Trust20 Certified network because their safety practices have been independently verified to be putting your health first. Restaurant operators are investing in your safety and your comfort and now it is your turn - Sign the Trust20 Diner Pledge and encourage your friends, family, and community to do so too! These five simple steps are a way that diners can contribute to creating a safer dining experience for themselves and everyone they encounter.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends taking food to go as the safest option for diners. Many restaurants have optimized their off-premise dining operations and they have adjusting their food handler expectations to help diners bring excellent food experiences home. If you are dining on-premise at a restaurant, it is recommended that you carefully consider who you are dining with. Each person has a different definition and understanding of what "safe practices" means and you want to be sure that the people you come into contact with abide by the same parameters you do.

Restaurant owners, operators, and employees are invested in creating a safer dining experience for you. Trust20 Certified Restaurants have shown their commitment to diners by having their health and safety methods independently verified. The list of Trust20 Certified restaurants is growing daily and you can see what restaurants in your city have been verified. Some of Trust20's recently certified restaurants include:

Parky's Smokehouse - Lebanon, IN

Parky's Smokehouse is a family-owned and locally-operated destination for authentic barbecue, signature steaks, and a comfortable atmosphere in which you’ll love to relax. Mask are required of diners and staff, staff receive regular temperature checks, they have provided hand sanitizer stations, and all surfaces are disinfected on a regular schedule. Parky's management asks that diners utilize their website for reservations and to learn about current specials and business hours. They have also provided a Safety Commitment on their website for details regarding their promises to diners.

Rake's Place - Zanesville, OH

Rake's Place is the spot to go for next-level surf and turf in Zanesville and they invite diners to enjoy great bites and exceptional Happy Hour specials. This locally-owned business has created barriers in the restaurant to continue social distancing and ask diners to do their best to maintain a distance when and where possible. They are currently offering their full menu, and all items are available for takeout orders. Mask are required of diners and staff, staff receive regular temperature checks, and all surfaces are disinfected on a regular schedule.

GreCo - Boston, MA

There’s the American version of Greek food—then you go true blue GreCo for your Mediterranean food fix. GreCo is a modern eatery where you will experience authentic street fare, made with Greek love. This restaurant is the owner's “meraki”, their need to remember and create. GreCo unites the old world with the new by allowing today’s fast-moving generation to enjoy the ethnic food they love—minus the wait. Diners can enjoy slow-cooked delicacies and hand-crafted desserts prepared with life on-the-go in mind.

The hospitality industry has always been a leader in implementing health and safety solutions and the professionals working at restaurants continue to excel in protecting the people who enter their establishments. The small, individual actions of each diner come together to impact the dining environment for the restaurant's community as a whole. The five action items of the Trust20 Diner Pledge are a big way for diners to show their support and gratitude to all of the frontline workers they encounter.

About Trust20

Trust20 is the new standard of restaurant safety and diner comfort, based on 20 tactics by health and safety experts. Supported by Gordon Food Service and General Mills, Trust20 provides an independently verified certification of restaurant practices, training, and other resources to help restaurants create safe, healthy, and welcome spaces for diners. @Trust20USA

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