Make a Restaurant Cleaning Checklist like a Diner

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January 21, 2021

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There are many resources available when it comes to restaurant cleaning and safety solutions. From cleaning products like Array to restaurant resources from food product suppliers like GFS, you can easily find a multitude of material supplies and planning resources to make mapping out your restaurant’s health and safety measures simple and effective.

The high-level plans are always easy to lay out. Your restaurant likely has a “How To” for cleaning different sections in the restaurant such as front of house, bar, and back of house. WebstaurantStore Food Service Equipment and Supply provides this resource if you're in need of an update. Beyond that - do you have a clear plan for the minute aspects? Does your “How To” or restaurant cleaning protocols take into account best practices per the Health Department’s guidance? Does your staff understand what prioritizing food safety looks like?

Take a step back the next time you evaluate your restaurant’s health and safety systems. How would you see your restaurant if you put yourself in the shoes of your guests? What would you see differently by taking on the mindset of diner experience? What do your restaurant’s customers see when they open your door or use the bathroom? Keeping in mind that your diner’s comfort will dictate their spending habits can help you develop a well-rounded system of safety solutions.

The events of 2020 have already permanently altered what a safe dining experience means, and we will continue to see them evolve further in the months to come. Preventing food-borne illness, pest proliferation, and the general spread of harmful germs and bacteria is a constant battle that restaurant operators and staff work together to combat.

Trust20 Tactic Training

Restaurant operators should stay on top of health and safety training – for themselves and their staff. OSHA guidelines state that staff should receive safety training "at least annually" and Food Handler certification lengths vary by local ordinance. Restaurant training and food handler training are a key element to creating a cohesive health and safety system within your business. Trust20 has already launched a Tactic Training course to support restaurant operators in delivering safer dining experiences despite the ongoing uncertainty and challenges the industry is facing. Our next project will launch a Food Handler Training in order to provide restaurant operators with additional means of educating their staff in proper food safety standards. Topics will include the Temperature Danger Zone, when and how to properly clean a knife and other utensils, when and how often a food handler must wash their hands, and more.

Ensuring your health and safety standards are being maintained by your team can seem overwhelming when there are so many aspects of the restaurant that need an operator’s attention. The best course of action is to regularly maintain restaurant training credentials, create a strict cleaning schedule, and divvy up the tasks while making sure that each team member understands their responsibilities.

Want to check in with an expert to see how your standards measure up? Schedule a FREE Assessment Call with Nick Florek, Trust20 General Manager, to discuss the best ways a restaurant can deliver a safer dining experience in 2021. Trust20 also offers a restaurant safety certification course to provide you with the knowledge you need to confidently navigate your health and safety measures. Learn about the Trust20 Restaurant Training Course.

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