Make a New Year's Resolution: Be a Trust20 Diner

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December 31, 2020

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The end of 2020 is upon us (finally), and it is the time of year where we think about what we want to carry into a new year. If you want to make a New Year's resolution or jump in on a #NewYearNewMe plan, make sure you consider how you can do your part for the community! The Trust20 Diner Pledge is a commitment to your own health and safety, as well as a promise to the the people around you and to the restaurant industry as a whole.

What does it mean to be a Trust20 Diner?

There are 5 parts to being a part of the Trust20 Diner community. Signing the Trust20 Diner Pledge means that you are doing your part to create safer dining experiences and leading by example when it comes to enjoying your meals out responsibly.

⭐️     Read the rules ahead of time. Most restaurants have posted their health and safety protocols on their website and social media handles, so know what you’re walking into before you head out the door.

⭐️     Respect the reservation table time limits. Updated cleaning procedures mean you may have to wait a couple more minutes for added health and safety.

⭐️     Keep your distance. Maintain a 6 ft. distance when not seated at your table and follow social distancing floor markers.

⭐️     Wear your mask. Be prepared to have your temperature checked at the door, to wash your hands before entering, to use touch-less menus, and to wear your mask when you're not seated at your table or in accordance with local regulations.

⭐️     Give a little more whenever you can. If everyone gave a little extra, it would go a long way. Support your local favorites by tipping generously, or donating to restaurant funds.

Will you start the new year strong and Sign the Trust20 Diner Pledge?

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