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Exploring Dallas Restaurants

Trust20 Contributor

January 6, 2021

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Restaurants across the country are operating with new precautions in place and they are doing the best they can to provide a sense of normalcy in our lives. Let’s face it, we all want an excuse to get changed out of sweatpants and leave the house - even if just to go pick up a meal.

Dallas is a favorite food destination because it has just about anything you could ask for - from TexMex to a great steak to authentic German. The options are endless so here are some delightful suggestions for delicious food, as well as details on the extra safety solutions these restaurants have put in place to protect diners.

When picking a restaurant, particularly when exploring a new spot, remember to Be a 5-Star Diner and certainly do not forget to wear your mask.

Malibu Poke

Malibu Poke

Malibu Poke is easily a favorite fast casual restaurant in the Dallas area. It's quick, easy, and the quality is superb. If you’re looking for a hint of Southern California seafood in the middle of Texas - Malibu Poke is your place. They have implemented contactless ordering to avoid contamination, all employees change gloves in between each diner, and all food is currently takeout only.

Our Recommendation: Try the Spicy Chili Tuna Bowl and the Warm Garlic Noodles!

Ese Pollo

Did someone say chicken? The wildly popular Greenville Ave bar, Desert Racer, has been closed since March however the restaurateurs behind the magic transformed it into this unbelievable Dallas pop-up restaurant. Expect amazing flavor profiles that celebrate Mexican-style smoked chicken. This spot is all takeout, all the time (unless they sell out) and there is limited outdoor seating available. If you’'d rather diner at home, just give Ese Pollo a ring when you arrive and they will run your food out to your car. 

Our Recommendation: Make sure to get the Hibiscus Guava Ranch Water and several sides of the House-Made Tortillas.

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar

Pie Tap Pizza uses natural fermentation to make their spectacular, light-as-air, four ingredient crust. Their rendition of traditional Italian pizzas and pasta dishes are mouthwatering to say the least. Each restaurant is designed to give diners a view into the open kitchen. Pie Tap restaurants are limiting their capacities to 50%, have eliminated group dining, and have created excellent family meal takeaway options. On top of that, employees receive health checks before every shift and are suited up with extensive PPE.

Our Recommendation: You'll want to share the Goat Cheese Fondue (or not) and you can't go wrong with the Prosciutto Pizza or the Ricotta Gnocchi.

YO Ranch Steakhouse

Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

A hotspot for foodies and cowboys alike, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse has everything you want in a steakhouse. They are primarily offering curbside pickup and delivery, but they are also seating diners at 25% capacity. Y.O. presents a spectacular meal through the direct food sourcing from local ranchers and farmers. Y.O. said best themselves, “We have our priorities in place and are ready to serve you the best steak in Dallas by any means possible.”

Our Recommendation: Chicken Fried Lobster Appetizer (trust us), the Buffalo Filet Mignon and, of course, any of their USDA Prime Steak options.

Terilli's Restaurant

Terilli's Dallas

Nachos were incredibly popular at Owner Jeannie Terilli's previous restaurant, so she decided to create an Italian Nacho - today called the “Italchos.” They have partnered with Safe Sanitize to ensure that the are protecting their patrons along their dining experience!

Our Recommendation: The Italchos - you'll be hooked. If you're dining-in, pair it with one of their signature Ice Cold Martinis.

The incredible food scene in Dallas is reflective of the array of experiences the city has to offer. Let’s do our part to promote the health and safety of everyone around us AND support the local restaurants we love the most.

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