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4 Considerations for Dining In or Carrying Out

Mary Albano

December 7, 2020

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As 2020 continues on, restaurants across the country are rapidly adapting to deal with changing regulations and colder temperatures. It is obvious that diners want to support local businesses and keep their favorite restaurants alive! It is important for diners to carefully consider their options when deciding how to enjoy their dining experiences this winter.

**Always make sure that you check out your city and state’s local regulations before you make your final decision.**

1. Are you dining alone or with your bubble?

Who you’re dining with matters! If you’re having a #treatyourself kind of night, is it important for you to have a dining experience outside of the house? Whether you are dining alone or with friends who are already a part of your circle, ask yourselves if the meal you’re choosing is best served at a restaurant table or if it can easily transition to your dining room table at home. Dining in is a great option for spending some time with people in your bubble, but outside of your household!

2. Has the restaurant you’ve chosen clearly communicated their health and safety protocols?

You can take all of the precautions you want, but every piece of the puzzle of our daily lives has an impact on our exposure risks. If you visit your chosen restaurant’s website or social media, have they clearly stated what they are doing to protect you as well as their staff? Thorough and transparent communication is a sign that a business is willing to go to great lengths to protect you and the community at large.

3. When are you planning to enjoy your meal?

Timing is everything! If you’re looking to enjoy a meal on a Friday at 7:00 PM, or other peak restaurant hours (hellooo Sunday brunch), consider how crowded a restaurant may be or how long you may be asked to wait. If you’re not prepared to be patient, carrying out or delivery may be the way to go!

4. Do you have the budget?

This question honestly stands whether you are dining in, carrying out, or ordering delivery: can you give a little more? Restaurants are going to extraordinary lengths to make their spaces safe for diners. Furthermore, restaurant staff are being asked to serve guests at a risk to their own health and safety. There is incredible pressure in the industry to provide for diner comfort and the least we can do is support the very real people who rely on our business and tips to make a living. 

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