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March 8, 2021

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Trust20 was born out of the idea that both restaurants and diners play a role in creating healthy, safe, and clean dining experiences. We are supporting the next iteration of a thriving restaurant industry by working together and adhering to a higher set of standards. Our pilot partnership with A. Marshall Hospitality launched in March 2020 and has since expanded to include a growing cohort of restaurants across 13 states.

We set out to create a clear set of health and safety standards for restaurant operators to follow in an uncertain time with rapidly changing regulations. It was clear that many would-be diners were hesitating to return to dining on-premise. Diners needed (and still need) reassurances that a restaurant prioritized their health and safety. Trust20 was originally positioned to help restaurants clear up confusion and streamline health and safety procedures, but we have evolved into much more.

Trust20 is dedicated to providing restaurants with the resources they need to create safe, healthy, and welcoming spaces for diners. We are proud to have the support of two major industry players, Gordon Food Service and General Mills, with over 150 years of combined food service industry expertise, brand loyalty and recognition. The support of more than eight national partners, including Gordon Food Service, General Mills, Array, InnoServ, and 86 Repairs, has positioned Trust20 to serve as a critical support system for restaurants in 2021 and beyond. We are providing access to operational solutions such as digital communication packets, cleaning supplies, and contact tracing - while we continue to expand the resources available to restaurants across the country.

In the last year, the Trust20 social media presence has grown exponentially, with feedback from operators being exceedingly positive. Diners and restaurants want to be involved in the conversation, and the proof exists in 500% social growth and the omnichannel Trust20 diner campaign reach of 30M+ diners.

We are using these channels to amplify the voices of responsible and conscientious restaurant operators who are philosophically committed to creating better restaurants and safer spaces. Diners need to know when a restaurant is going above and beyond to put diner, staff, and community health and safety first. Trust20 is also committed to providing educational resources to diners and reiterating that health and safety is a community effort. The only way to create truly safe spaces, capable of remaining open, is for everyone to show courtesy to each other and respect for the protocols a restaurant has set in place. 

Restaurants need to focus on what they do best: providing exceptional diner experiences. Trust20 exists to support restaurants in implementing their health and safety measures, executing diner communication strategies, and solving other operational challenges in an ever-evolving, rapidly-changing industry. 

Trust20 will be rolling out a new offering of services in the months to come - stay tuned!

Are you a restaurant operator? We are growing our network of certified restaurants to create safer dining experiences nationwide. Schedule a FREE Assessment Call to discuss your restaurant safety solutions and what Trust20 can do to support you.

Are you a diner? Read up on how to be a 5-Star Diner or tell Trust20 about a restaurant that you’ve seen go above and beyond for their diners.

About Trust20
Trust20 is the new standard of restaurant safety and diner comfort, based on 20 tactics by health and safety experts. Supported by Gordon Food Service and General Mills, Trust20 provides an independently verified certification of restaurant practices, training, and other resources to help restaurants create safe, healthy, and welcome spaces for diners. @Trust20USA

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