Our Vision

We believe the definition of safety is evolving and challenge the legacy of limiting its scope to behind-the-scenes operations. Our products create safe, healthy, and welcoming spaces—from food trucks to restaurants, arenas and even long-term care facilities. Trust20 is leading a national network of businesses as they adapt to changing consumer expectations.

Tactics for creating safe, healthy, and welcoming spaces

Our perspective considers a comprehensive definition of safety and we developed twenty tactics across four categories to support the foodservice industry in creating these safer spaces. These tactics were developed in partnership with cleaning, health, and safety experts and take into consideration the safety of diners, staff, and operators.

Our Partners

Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is a crucial supporter and partner to Trust20. Many Trust20 specialists are trained members of the Gordon Food Service Chemical & Beverage team with 18 divisions across the United States.

Their skilled specialists have serviced all types of restaurants for over 40 years and work alongside restaurant operators to solve all sorts of problems—from dishwasher efficiencies and sanitation protocols to expanded product offerings and menu design.
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